Gemstone Bead Bracelets - Each gemstone is said to have its own healing power.

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These 6mm round gemstone bead stretch elastic bracelets are a great bracelet to simply wear as is, or to personalise with the addition of charms.

Each bracelet contains approximately 30 x 6mm gemstone round beads and are strung on 1mm elastic. These bracelets measure 7.5"

All these bracelets come in one of our luxury gift boxes.

Each gemstone is believed to have its own magical power

Turquoise (Recon) - Improve Flow Of Fortune

Crystal - To Enhance Ambition

Amethyst - For Healing & Inner Strength

Lava - To Overcome Difficulties

Black Agate - To Balance Emotion

Carnelian - A Symbol Of Vitality

Tiger's Eye - To Protect From Negative Energy

Blue Goldstone - To Help Achieve Goals

Garnet - To Enhance Your Creativity

Rose Quartz - To Increase Mental Power

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