7 Bead Blue Leopard Teething Necklace by Little Gnashers

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Blue Leopard 7 bead Teething Necklace by Little Gnashers

A 7-bead necklace featuring a hero pale blue animal print hexagon. Accompanied by hexagons in grey and pale blue, and quadrates and spheres in grey and black creating a monochrome vibe.


Cord: Black or Grey

Clasp: Black or Grey

Length: 75cm; 95cm


o   Standard length is approx. 85cm end to end

o   Snap clasp - pops open if yanked! 

o   Strong, colourfast nylon 2mm cord 


Safety: Silicone beads are 100% food grade, BPA free, non-toxic. This is not a toy, please do not leave children alone unsupervised with any beads or jewellery.


Please note each necklace is made to order so may vary slightly to the photograph.


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