How to Light your Dragon

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A very funny and energetically illustrated book about a child trying to re-light a dragon’s fire.

Has your dragon’s fire gone out?
Don’t worry, there’s no need to panic.
We’ll find a way to get him breathing fire again –
There are lots of things you can try!

A child tries all manner of things to relight his dragon – shaking him, tickling him, goading him, sticking false flames on the side of his face – but it’s no good: no matter what he tries, the dragon remains unlit. Finally, they sit down together and the child tells the dragon that he’ll always love him, no matter what, even if he never breathes fire again, and plants a big kiss on his nose. Can you guess what happens next?

Size:24.5 x 31.5 cm

Extent:32 pp

Publication date:11 April 2019


About the Author

Didier Lévy has published many children’s books in his native France, all of which introduce children to the big questions in life.

Fred Benaglia is artistic director at Bayard Presse, and has also illustrated many children's books.

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